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Nieman Watchdog     Questions the press should ask.

IBC Today     Internet Television News Network drawing from a variety of sources.

World Press Review     Translates into English and reprints articles from newspapers and magazines from around the world including originally written material analyzing international affairs and the press in the countries in question.

The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG)   An independent research and media group.     Provider of African news and information worldwide.

@siamedia     News and Views from the Asia Pacific.

Information Clearing House     News you won't find on CNN - Includes several controversial full length documentaries such as The Power of Nightmares, The Real Friends of Terror, and Channel 4's Torture Inc. America's Brutal Prisons.

Asia Times Online   Examines geopolitical, political, economic and business issues.       Asia Time Online - Daily News     Supporting independent and alternative journalism. The AlterNet article database includes more than 7,000 stories from over 200 sources.

Utne Reader On-line     A different read on life.

The Nation     Unconventional wisdom since 1865.

Reason Online     Covers politics, culture, and ideas through news, analysis, commentary, and reviews.

Washington Post  |  Wall Street Journal  | New York Times  |  Los Angeles Times  | Philadelphia Inquirer

San Francisco Chronicle  | Chicago Tribune  |  Atlanta Journal-Constitution  |  Boston Globe

BBC World News     Updated every minute of every day.

The Global Beat     Resources for the global journalist.

Buenos Aires Herald     A world of information in a few words.

Reuters     News and financial intelligence.

Al Bawaba     The Middle East Gateway.

Media Guardian     The UK's most popular newspaper web site.

The Economist     Continual analysis on major stories and issues as they unfold.

International Herald Tribune     A complete, credible and concise daily newspaper.    

World News Connection     A U.S. government service that offers translated and English-language news and information.

Alternative Press Review     Publishes a wide variety of essays that deserve a wider readership.

Alternative Radio     Public affairs program providing information, analyses and views.

CIA World Factbook     Selected data and maps updated periodically.

World Socialist Web Site     Provides analysis of  world events, comments on political, cultural, and philosophical issues.

The Independent     World news section.

Arab World News     Updated information on current affairs and the latest news on the Middle East and Arab nations.

The Australian     Australia's national daily newspaper.

Army Times     Part of the U.S. Military Times Media Group.

Israel News Agency     Israel's first on-line news organization.

Newseum   576 front pages of newspapers from 54 countries.

World Wide Wired   Newspapers, magazines, radio, and television from around the world.

News     International edition.

Global Top 100 Newspapers     From the Sun (UK) to the Daily News (Thailand).

Religion News Service     News and photo service devoted to unbiased coverage of religion and ethics.

Arabic     News, articles, and entertainment.

CNN World     International edition.     We've got all the right enemies.

The Global Site     Critical gateway to world politics, society, and culture.

The Daily News     Includes links to seven other New Zealand newspapers.

Middle East Review of International Affairs     Reaches over 17,000 readers in more than 100 countries.

Alternative Press Center's On-line Directory     A guide to the independent critical press.

The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)   An independent research and media group of writers, scholars, journalists and activists.

Middle East Network Information Center     Information about the Middle East through links to websites and databases.

Middle East Research and Information Project     Provides news and perspectives about the Middle East.

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)     Explores the Middle East through the region's media.

Mid-East Realities     News, views, and analysis.

Emergency.Net     No-nonsense news and analysis.

Religion News Writers Association     Website of the Religious News Writers Foundation.

DebkaFile     We start where the media stops.

Media Research Center     America's media watchdog . . .documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias.

Global Research     Behind the headlines analysis, commentary and intelligence on the New World Order.

The Straights Times Interactive     Pacific area newspaper of the year.

Agence France-Presse     World wide news agency.

The East African     Published weekly by The Nation group.

Women's Enews     Bridging the gender gap every day.

Independent Press Association     The antidote to monopoly media.

PoliticsUSA     This weekly political roundup is published by

The Progressive     The mission is to be a journalistic voice for peace and social justice at home and abroad.

Online Journal     Building a new news media of, by and for the people.

Straight Goods     Canada's independent source of on-line news.

Canadian Press     The last word. First.

Associated Press     The essential global news network.

BusinessWire     Disseminates full-text news announcements from thousands of companies and organizations worldwide.

Dow Jones Newswires     Real-time news and information essential to success in the financial markets.

Environmental News Network     (ENN) is the largest, most recognized online environmental news source in the world.

Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services (KRT)     Moving stories.  Powerful images.

NewsUSA     We create and distribute newspaper and radio features to educate consumers.

Omnivore     A daily news and information service.

PR Newswire     We tell your story to the world.

Bloomberg Business News     A leading global provider of data, news and analytics.

Center for Creative Voices In Media     Preserving original, independent, and diverse voices in America's media.

MediaLens     A response to the mainstream media about the causes and extent of many of the problems facing us.

Federal News Service     Providing transcripts of the news when it happens.

Reuters     Know Now.

The Times of India     India's premier English daily and world’s largest circulated English broadsheet daily.

Market Wire     Provides comprehensive press release distribution of corporate news and media advisories.

Honest Reporting     One of the world's largest media watch groups.  The story behind the story.

Taiwan Headlines     Established in 1999 to provide accurate, in-depth news about the Republic of China on Taiwan.

Ghanaian Chronicle     The objective truth.

Press Association of Britain     PA Group is one of the leading providers of media services in the UK.

United Press International     News, Analysis, Insight.

Namibian     Still telling it like it is.

Watching America     Translates foreign news from around the world about the United States.

IJNET International Journalists' Network     Online news source for media assistance.

World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters     Serving the community radio movement with almost 3000 members.

World Association of Newspapers     Founded in 1948, groups 66 national newspaper associations.

Independent Media Center     A collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists.

UNESCO - Communication, Information, and Informatics Sector     Promotes the free flow of ideas by word and image.

                    Media Monitor     Founded in Bonn in 1994 as the world's first institute specialising in continuous media contents analysis.