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Media and Communications Site     The intention is to represent all relevant approaches.

Media Edu     A Media Studies website designed by teachers to support GCSE & A Level staff and students with coursework, exam preparation and revision.

Middle East Broadcaster     Facts and figures, features, interviews and opinions, academia, and technology.

Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME)     A non-profit coalition championing critical media literacy.

Two ACME Summit keynote speakers explain about why this coalition is necessary.

"Media literacy (i.e. the creation of informed and savvy viewers) is so dangerous to media corporations that they have moved to hijack the movement as it builds momentum. ACME is the organization that cannot be hijacked and its formation and launch therefore is an important political moment." Sut Jhally '02

"The problem we face is a hyper-commercial, profit-obsessed media system that does a lousy job of producing citizens in a democracy. A solution is real media literacy education that doesn't just make people into more informed consumers of commercial fare, but that makes them understand how and why the system works, so they may be critics, citizens and participants. That is the type of media education ACME is committed to doing." Robert McChesney'02

University of Iowa     Communication Studies Resources

Communication, Cultural and Media Studies Infobase     Overview of the subject areas from Aristotle to chaos theory.

Media Reform Network     We are barraged with advertising. Journalism has become dumbed-down entertainment.

The Media Giants     Information about media companies that dominate global communications and entertainment.

Mission Critical     An interactive tutorial for critical thinking and includes analysis of arguments and fallacies.

European Graduate School in Media and Communications     Brings together students, visionaries, and philosophers.

Communication Department at SUNY     Offers communication curriculum in harmony with the liberal arts.

Common Sense Media     Your trusted source for family friendly reviews